In an investor presentation earlier this week, “Ether Capital Corporation“, a public Toronto-based tech company, announced to their investors that it has deposited 10,240 ETH into the Ethereum Beacon Chain Staking Protocol.

With an absolutely massive vote of confidence in the future of Ethereum and a successful future “Merge” (Ethereum’s planned 2022 transition from being a Proof-Of-Work chain to being a Proof-Of-Stake chain), the company has allocated about 25% if its ETH reserves, which stand at 43,512 ETH, into Ethereum Staking.

Staking has been part of our roadmap for many years and we are thrilled to announce this initial 10,240 Ether allocation into staking. We are also excited to provide increased visibility on our staking plans into 2022 and our expectation of deploying a majority of our Ether balance, or at least 30,000 Ether, into ethereum staking.
Brian MosoffEther CapitalCEO

Ether Capital prides itself with being one of the first companies in the world to recognize the potential behind Ethereum and investing in its native token, citing its meteoric rise in their recent Investor presentation.

The company believes Ethereum will play a main role in the future of finance and Web 3.0, and it will do its part to support this growth by not only investing in ETH, but with putting resources into projects and development in the Ethereum eco-system.

Source: Ether Capital Investor Presentation, December 15th, 2021

Betting On ETH Staking For Passive Profits

Ether Capital was formed in early 2018 to give public market investors access to the emerging asset class that is Ethereum’s ETH native token. Their mission statement?

Ether Capital strives to be the single biggest Ether (ETH) accumulator in the capital markets.

Their first move was to acquire just over 45,000 Ether.

Just over 3 years later, it’s starting to pay off, and big time.

With an allocation of 10,240 ETH, worth approximately $40,000,000 – Ether Capital is expected to generate a staking yield of about 5.2% with current Beacon Chain rewards, which comes to around 532 ETH per year in profits, or $2,130,000 USD per year with the current ETH price of $4,000.

Once Ether Capital reaches its goal of 30,000 ETH staked, currently worth a staggering $120,000,000 USD, it would be making 1,560 ETH per year, or 130 ETH per month, or 4.3 ETH per day, just from Staking Ethereum.

That’s $17,000 per day from staking with current prices. Not too shabby.

Source: Ether Capital Investor Presentation, December 15th, 2021

The First Of Many Public Companies To Stake Ethereum?

As it stands, Ether Capital’s investment positioned them as one of the only (if not THE only) public companies in the world that have such a significant amount of their total assets locked exclusively in Ethereum Staking.

We believe that Ether is a generational asset in terms of its standing within the Web 3 ecosystem as well as its potential to deliver outstanding capital appreciation.
Brian MosoffEther CapitalCEO

With staking rewards that are expected to skyrocket after “The Merge”, it would be no surprise to see more and more public companies follow suit and invest heavily into Ethereum Staking.

Staking Rewards that are currently being given out to Ethereum Miners will be switched over and added to the current 5.2% Staking interest, for a total asset appreciation that will be very hard for investors to ignore.

The profits calculated in the previous paragraph? They’re based on a rate of 5.2%. Now make the same calculations with 10%, or 15%. Enough said.