On Tuesday morning, just 24 hours before the long awaited Rocket Pool launch, a StakeWise.io developer Dmitri Tsumak, has discovered a significant vulnerability in the StakeWise protocol.

What later came on as a surprise was that the bug also affected other staking providers such as Ethereum staking giant Lido Finance and even Rocket Pool. This has led Rocket Pool developers to put a halt on their launch plans.

By discovering this vulnerability , Mr Tsumak has potentially saved millions of dollars for investors who could potentially have had their ETH assets compromised.

StakeWise’s Twitter statement read as follows

Despite Rocket Pool, Lido and other staking providers all agreeing to not disclose the nature of the bug, it appears that bug bounty platform Immunefi will distribute $100,000 worth of bounty money, indicating a “severe” type of breach that has been found.

lido.fi staking service could also potentially suffer from the bug.

Lido Finance has tweeted about a potential 20,000 ETH that have been in risk, worth upwards of $72 million dollars.