After being delayed due to a major bug discovery several weeks ago, Rocket Pool finally went live. It is the first platform to offer truly decentralized ETH 2.0 staking. It’s a huge milestone both for the developers, having worked on the project for close to 5 years, and the Ethereum community as a whole.

Rocket Pool’s Twitter account had this to say this morning:

Rocket Pool comes after the Ethereum Staking market

First Of Its Kind Ethereum Staking

Rocket Pool is a first of its kind ETH2 Proof of Stake Protocol, designed to be community owned, decentralised, trustless and compatible with staking in Ethereum 2.0. It was first conceived in late 2016 and has since had over 5 successful public betas over the life span of ETH2 development.

Rocket Pool is designed to cater to two main user groups; those that wish to participate in tokenised staking using rETH (opens new window)using as little as 0.01 ETH and those that wish to stake ETH and run a node in the network to help generate a higher ROI than staking outside of the protocol due to commissions earned.

The core premise behind a protocol is to ensure the network is not beholden to any one party. This is a principle directly linked to Ethereum and ETH2 itself, and a mindset used at every stage of the process as Rocket Pool has evolved.

How To Stake ETH on Rocket Pool

To start staking your ETH, head over to