Lido, the liquid crypto staking solution for Ethereum (and more recently, for Terra and Solana as well) turns 1 year old today, having launched in late December 2020.

And what a ride it has been for the company, who helped grow and positively impact the crypto staking industry, and Ethereum staking in particular, in a significant way.

Lido played a major role in growing the crypto staking space in 2021. Source: Lido

Lido took to Twitter to celebrate the occasion, listing all of the company’s milestones for the past year

We won’t mention every single one here (you can see them all in detail by reading the Twitter thread), but will list what we feel are their top milestones.

Lido’s Noticeable Achievements In 2021

  • More than $11.8B in staked assets across Ethereum, Terra and Solana
  • Paid out $216M+ in staking rewards to over 55,000 crypto stakers
  • Reached 1,623,000+ ETH staked on the platform
  • Became a Top 10 DeFi protocol by Total Value Locked with $13B+ in staked assets
  • Launched Liquid Terra Staking and Liquid Solana Staking
  • Launched the LEGO program, offering grants to assist and fund developers and projects adding value to the crypto staking space
  • Launched a referral program to further grow the role of liquid staking in the Ethereum ecosystem

Lido Finance: Pioneers in Liquid Crypto Staking

Lido was the first company that brought a truly exceptional liquid staking experience to Ethereum.

Launching in December 2020, they allowed anyone who wanted to stake ETH on the Beacon Chain but was worried about missing out on potential DeFi action, to do just that.

Lido Ethereum Staking
Lido Liquid Ethereum Staking. Source: Lido

With Lido’s solution, Ethereum stakers received the stETH token, a token representing staked ETH 1:1, but that unlike traditional non-liquid staking, one that was fully moveable. Ethereum stakers were now able to enjoy the best of both worlds – get Ethereum staking rewards, help support ETH 2.0, and use their ETH in the various DeFi protocols.

The Ethereum community (and tons of newcomers) embraced Lido with open arms, and the rest, as you can read above, is history.

Learn More About Lido and Ethereum Staking

To better understand Lido’s approach to crypto staking, and learn more about Ethereum staking solutions like Rocket Pool and Coinbase, we recommend listening to this fantastic Ethereum staking panel by Bankless which aired in July this year.