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Anthony Sassano

Anthony Sassano Opens Up About The Daily Gwei

Anthony Sassano is one of the most well-known Ethereum educators in crypto. We sat down to talk about his podcast - The Daily Gwei, how the hell he manages to produce so much content, and the evolution of Ethereum over the years.

8 minute read

David Hoffman

"The Ethereum Staking Industry Is Going To Be Insane" David Hoffman Is Creating A Bankless Future

7 minute read

Tim Beiko

Tim Beiko Talks About Life In The Ethereum Foundation & The Merge

8 minute read

Justin Drake

Justin Drake On A Post-Merge Ethereum & Who Would Win In A Death-Match Between ETH & BTC Maxis

3 minute read


Bernd Lapp & Stefaan Ponnet On Building AVADO And The Future Of Staking

7 minute read

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Ethereum Passes 5 Million Deposits Into Main Contract On Launch Day

4 minute read