Foundry Digital has announcecd the launch of Foundry Staking, a subsidiary that will attend to the needs of institutional investors who wish to gain access to digital asset staking on an enterprise level.

The crypto staking industry is still relatively new, which can create an entry barrier for high capital investors who are looking to put significant amounts of capital to work, but are scared of technical failure, loss of funds, hacking, social engineering and similar dangers.

White Glove Institutional Crypto Staking

Remember your first time staking a couple hundred dollars through a third-party service, or sending coins to the ETH 2.0 staking smart contract? Scary, right? Now imagine doing that with hundreds of thousands, or millions of dollars. This is where Foundry Staking comes in.

The company will offer dedicated advisory services, infrastructure, strategic consulting and more to VC funds, hedge funds, exchanges, financial institutions, and high capital investors. The goal is to create an environment where these types of clients can feel safe with trusting significant capital to crypto staking.

“We have made significant investments in engineering talent and PoS infrastructure to replicate our mining success in the fast-growing crypto staking industry.”

Mike Colyer, Foundry Digital CEO
Foundry’s North America-based bitcoin mining pool represents about 13% of total hashrate. Image: CoinDesk

Which Assets Can Institutions Stake With Foundry?

If you’re interested in the services offered by Foundry Staking, you will be glad to see what it offers for popular crypto staking assets such as Ethereum 2.0, Solana and Cardano. In addition, other popular assets such as Cosmos, Avalanche and Helium are among the available protocols.

Foundry does not take custody of the client’s funds, but does offer to connect clients with partners who offer custodial staking for those who need it. The staking rewards always remain fully transparent to the client, and each asset has a “lock-up” period, the timeframe it takes to unstake an asset.