In a recent post on Twitter today, Ethereum developer Tim Beiko has announced that a successful Merge of Ethereum has taken place on the Kiln testnet.

This is an exciting announcement indicating another stop forward towards the real thing – the eventual Mainnet merge that will switch Ethereum over to the hands of crypto stakers and put and end to mining.

What Is The Kiln Testnet?

Kiln is expected to be the last merge testnet created before existing public testnets are upgraded.

It is essentially the last testnet before the mainnet merge, on which all the final preparations will be made, and bugs will be addressed and fixed.

So… Wen Merge?

Assuming no issues are found with Kiln, once clients have finalized the details of their implementations, the existing Ethereum testnets (Goerli, Ropsten, etc.) will run through The Merge.

Once these have successfully transitioned and stabilized, again, assuming no issues are found, a difficulty value will be set for the mainnet transition. Only then will it be possible to estimate the exact date for The Merge.